An Engagement/Wedding story by Jered featuring

The first thing I ever said to Leah was a silly joke about Mt Everest. Those words quickly snowballed into a deeper love than either of us truly expected. Two and a half years later, we are inseparable. We do everything together. Finding the perfect ring for the love of my life was the natural next step. We wanted to avoid diamonds with ethically questionable sources, so we looked at a Moissanite ring as our alternative. After choosing a ring from, I had the overwhelming pleasure of presenting it to her and asking her to be my wife. I made sure to propose in the sun, so the ring’s gems would perfectly reflect the sunlight into a dazzling display of color, another detail for her to fondly remember for the rest of her life. She’s my fiancée now, and she has told all her family and friends how much she loves her ring. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to start our life together with a Moissanite ring.