An Engagement/Wedding story by Shauna featuring

Spencer and I met working as Paramedics in Canada. From the moment we met, we were inseparable. While he was going to school abroad in the first 2 years of our relationship we were able to do long distance, and travel to see one another whenever we were separated for long periods of time (luckily a quick trip to Paris wasn't much of a hardship :P) Once he returned home for good, it even more clear that we would be together forever! After 4 years of dating, we got engaged on New Year's Eve with the perfect evening. I've always wanted to get married, but for me, the relationship and the ring have always been the big parts (the wedding is just a fun bonus day, but since I was young, I dreamed of having a perfect partner and a perfect ring). I am so lucky to have both of those dreams come true. timesgem and my amazing fiancé were able to make my dreams come true. My ring is absolutely gorgeous and flawless! It is a 9x6 Forever One Oval Centre stone, accented by 2 small pear Moissanites set in Platinum.